I’m Real.

After being hired for an event that was a tragedy, where I was misgendered, bullied, touched, cold, mislead about space, made new friends who thankfully bought me a drink because I couldn’t bring my self care kit on board….

I am tired and newly educated as to how very legit I and my practice are. I’m also wise as to just how deeply I’ve disparaged myself and thought I didn’t matter and was systematically worthless. What saddens me more is that I know for a fact that I am not alone in this. What I also know is how deeply and effectually I am changing the game.

Identify your needs and what come naturally to you. Set your requirements and watch the infinitely supportive cosmos meet them. If you build it they will actually come.

I’m real. I’m legit. I’m fucking Magic with a Heartbeat.

And so are you.

Now go act like it.


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