When you finally choose radical authenticity, self care as a rule, radical self expression, and autonomy – you will begin to purge and release toxins and truths you didn’t even know were stuck in you. It will be freeing. The surrender will hurt initially then it will feel so incredibly good and liberating. You will feel like you learned how to breathe again, love again, be a human being again.

In letting go of a former life, some will let go of you, sometimes bitterly, accusing you of crimes they invented that reflect their own demons. We all have our faults, but some will hate you for feeding your soul. Your freedom illuminates their bondage. Some will release with you. Others will put you on trial, as though you needed to ask their permission before choosing authentic happiness. These are incompatible relationships. Release them.

For every “friend” that leaves you because you chose happiness in love, 12 more will fill the void they leave – and they will love you for the real you and celebrate your authenticity because they themselves are on a journey towards authenticity and you find a mutual inspiration with them. 

Some will hate you for being honest and independent. These are the ones who can’t find that themselves. Some will love you for being honest and independent because when they look at you they see the love within their own hearts.

Make a choice and your world will align with it. Sometimes it’s like setting the table for a homecoming feast. Other times, it’s like a volcano erupting. Trust your feelings – always. I promise that it’s worth it once you’re on the other side.

I’ll see you over there. 😉